About the projects

Integrated regional information system «Investment Development of the Leningrad Region» (further IRIS) presents an interactive map demonstrating investment advantages and abilities of the Leningrad Region. 

Project goal

The goal is to make full and up-to-date information on investment, infrastructural and resource potential of the Leningrad Region in improvement of regional investment climate available for potential investors, governmental bodies and legal and natural persons.


The system makes it possible to receive visual information about the resource and infrastructure potential of the region, location, and characteristics of investment projects, land resources, cadastral classification of the territory, select land plots best suiting implementation of an investment project, become acquainted with plans of government authorities to create utilities and transport infrastructure facilities.

The following functions are available for the user working in the system:

  • map navigation and changes of the scale;
  • browsing information (texts and graphs) about the selected investment project, utilities and transport infrastructure facilities;
  • browsing cadastral information (with the relevant filling of the public cadastral map);
  • displaying the satellite basis;
  • tips and visual instructions;
  • selecting investment projects according to certain criteria via filters;
  • fast access to industrial parks data and description; 
  • transferring a request for installing production facilities or additional information to the system operator (feedback);
  • download option for investment object description data - excel or pdf; 
  • receiving a link to the examined area;
  • printing out the selected site from the map; an image can be formed and stored by using the window;
  • measuring distances, surface areas.

The system can be accessed at no charge 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Information of limited distribution contained in the System is available in accordance with Decree No. 15 of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of Leningrad Region Administration “On introduction of segregation of an access right to information when maintaining the Integrated Regional Information System “Investment Development of the Leningrad Region” dated April 23, 2014.

At present, the system has no counterparts in Russia in terms of the structure and amount of materials as well as functional capacities. The system has been mentioned in the collection of successful practices of implementing a regional investment standard in 2014 by the Strategic Initiative Agency.

In 2014, the integrated regional information system “Investment development of the Leningrad Region territory” became a winner in the “Information” nomination within the framework of the first Russian national contest “Best managerial decisions of regional government authorities concerning the investment environment development” held by the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development.

Mobile apps are available on Google Play and App Store (search for “InvestLenObl”).