Investment projects

Year of implementation start to
Activity type
Municipal district/ urban district
  Name Year of implementation start Activity type Municipal district/ urban district
  2nd phase upgrade of production facilities at Roskar Poultry Farm in Pervomayskoye
2 014 OKVED 1.24 Raising of poultry Vyborgskiy Municipal District
  A multi-purpose transshipment complex at Ust-Luga marine port
Transshipment of cargoes Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  A terminal for mineral fertilizer transshipment at Ust-Luga marine port
Transshipment of mineral fertilizers Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  Accommodating an industrial engineering centre
2 014 Manufacturing industry Gatchinskiy Municipal District
  Acquisition of process equipment for production purposes at Syassky Pulp and Paper Mill OJSC
2 016   Volkhovskiy Municipal District
  Ammonia production (primary production) and liquid ammonia storage
2 015 Ammonia production and storage Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  An investment project to upgrade grain storage truck dumps, repair railway tracks, replace elevators at the central loading station and grain storage
  Manufacturing industry Luzhskiy Municipal District
  Auxiliary fleet base at Ust-Luga marine port
2 012 Water transport Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  Baltic Pipeline System-2 oil terminal
2 009 Petrochemical industry Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  BMT iron and steel terminal
2 008 63.1 Cargo handling and storage  Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  Car tyre manufacture expansion and a new factory development in the Kirpichny Zavod (Brickyard) Industrial Zone
2 004 24.17 Manufacture of synthetic rubber  Vsevolzhskiy Municipal District
  Carbamide plant construction, including its external networks and facilities (production and logistics complex for natural gas processing into synthetic ammonia and carbamide)
2 016 24.11 Manufacture of industrial gases Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  Cardboard factory on the territory of Susaninsky Rural Settlement, Gatchinsky Municipal District, Leningrad Oblast
  Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard Gatchinskiy Municipal District
  Cheese factory construction
2 015 Manufacture of food products, incl. beverages Luzhskiy Municipal District
  Cheese factory in Svetogorsk
  Industry Vyborgskiy Municipal District
  Coffee factory construction
2 012 Manufacture of food products Lomonosovskiy Municipal District
  Completion of the second phase at Sotrans City LLC
2 013 Consultations on commercial activities and management, trading in motor vehicles and motorcycles, their technical maintenance and repair Tosnenskiy Municipal District
  Complex for transshipment and fractionation of stable gas condensate and its products, with the annual capacity of 6.0mn tons, in Ust-Luga commercial seaport
2 008 23.20 Manufacture of petroleum products  Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  Construction and exploitation of "Yug-2" multi-industry reloading complex in Ust'-Luga trade sea port
2 006 63.1 Cargo handling and storage  Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  Construction and startup of the first launching complex of the coal terminal in Ust'-Luga
2 003 80.22 Technical and vocational secondary education
74.84 Provision of other services
74.14 Advice on business and management
63.22 Other supporting water transport activities
63.12 Storage and warehousing
63.11 Cargo handling
63.1 Cargo handling and storage
61.10 Sea and coastal water transport
51 Wholesale trade, including trade through agents, except the trade of vehicles and motorcycles
45.25 Other construction works
45.24 Construction of water projects
45.21 Civil works
45. Construction
Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
  Construction of "Evrika" plant complex in v.Novosaratovka
   Vsevolzhskiy Municipal District
  Construction of "Krugliy God" plant complex
2 013   Boksitogorsk Municipal District
  Construction of "PIK" research and development reactor complex in Gatchinskiy District
2 007 73.1 Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering  Gatchinskiy Municipal District
  Construction of "Premium" plant complex in v.Pushnoye
   Vyborgskiy Municipal District
  Construction of "Ust'-Luga" bulk plant in Ust'-Luga MTS (BTS-2)
2 010 63.12.21 Storage and warehousing of oil and its products Kingiseppskiy Municipal District