Car tyre manufacture expansion and a new factory development in the Kirpichny Zavod (Brickyard) Industrial Zone

Project type Modernization of production
Investment project target Car tyre manufacture expansion and a new plant development
Payback period, years (inclusive of state support measures) 8
Year of implementation start 2004
Implementation deadline, year 2015
Sources of financing Borrowed funds: Finland
Activity type 24.17 Manufacture of synthetic rubber 
Sphere of activities Production
Number of work places
Total 1 260
Newly introduced under the project 49
Basic financial and economic indices of the project, including numerative and qualitative characteristics of products (works, services) Winter and summer tires for passenger cars and city SUV, commercial and cargo transport, and industrial machines. It is planned to achieve estimated capacity of 17 mln tires per year, including a new plant for production of 6 mln tires per year.
Business communications Two own plants in Nokia (Finland) and Vsevolzhsk (Russia, the Leningrad Region). Contract manufacturing in Indonesia, China, Slovakia, India, Spain and the USA
Basic sale markets Regions with complex climatic conditions
State support measures State support measures within the frames of regional law No.24-oz "On state support of investment activity in the Leningrad Region". State support agreement made on 02.08.2011. Expiry date 4th quarter of 2020.
Status Implemented
Municipal district/ urban district Vsevolzhskiy Municipal District
Cadastral number of a land parcel 47:07:0915001:21, 47:07:1302157:43
Address The Leningrad Region, Vsevolzhskiy District, Vsevolzhsk, "Kirpichniy Zavod" industrial area, site No.6
Distance to the district center, km 7.5
Distance to St.Petersburg, km 22
Total area of a land parcel, sq.m. 445 981
Contact details
Investor LLC "Nokian Tires"
Postal and legal address 188640, Russia, the Leningrad Region, Vsevolzhsk, "Kirpichniy Zavod" industrial area, block 6
Manager Pantyukhov Andrey Gennadyevich, Director General. Tel: +7 812 336 9000, Fax: +7 812 336 9595, info.rus@nokiantyres.com
Contact person Karina Sokolova, Press Service Manager. Tel: +7 812 336 9000, fax: +7 812 336 9595