Investment project for manufacturing wooden buildings from laminated wood, following conversion, renovation, expansion, and technical upgrade of a corrugated board mill in Avrovo, Syasstroisky urban settlement, Leningrad Oblast

Project type New production
Investment project target Establishment of a highly-efficient enterprise in the sphere of deeper timber processing having the most modern equipment of the world class and uniting several independent production lines capable to produce complex wooden houses, production facilities, buildings, structures and other construction objects meeting customer requirements to quality, prices, engineering solutions and possibility of quick installation, having no equivalents in Russia by now.
Payback period, years (inclusive of state support measures) 8.25
Year of implementation start 2012
Implementation deadline, year 2016
Sources of financing Equity funds, borrowed funds.
Activity type 20.20 Manufacture of veneer sheets, plywood, panels; 20.30 Manufacture of builders, including prefabricated wooden buildings, and joinery
Sphere of activities Production
Number of work places
Total 224
Newly introduced under the project 224
Basic financial and economic indices of the project, including numerative and qualitative characteristics of products (works, services) Invesetment project implementation will enable production of up to 160 thous.m3 of high-quality laminated wooden products and 400 thous.m2 of ready-made structures per year using modern equipment manufactured by leading foreign producers, development of infrastructure and medical servicing level in the settlement, and providing a customer with quickly-assembled comfortable ecological individual housing with high technological characteristics.
Business communications Choice of a place for construction is determined by proximity of a large raw material base of the Leningrad Region and the adjacent territories.
Basic sale markets Territories of Northwest, Privolzhskiy, Central and Southern Federal Districts mostly
State support measures State support measures within the frames of regional law No.24-oz "On state support of investment activity in the Leningrad Region". State support agreement made on 25.05.2012. Expiry date 3d quarter of 2020.
Status Being implemented (main stage)
Municipal district/ urban district Volkhovskiy Municipal District
Address The Leningrad Regiob, Volkhovskiy District, v.Avrovo, 9 Tsentral'naya str.
Distance to the district center, km 40
Distance to St.Petersburg, km 130
Total area of buildings and structures (existing and projected), sq.m. 40 000
Contact details
Investor CJSC "Ladozhskiy Housebuilding Mill"
Postal and legal address Legal address: 187432, the Leningrad Region, Volkhovskiy District, v.Avrovo, 6 Tsentral'naya str.; postal address: 190103, St.Petersburg, 8th Krasnoarmeiskaya str., bld.22, off.401
Manager Kulyba G.N.; tel/fax: 458-86-10
Contact person tel/fax: 458-86-10