Construction and exploitation of "Yug-2" multi-industry reloading complex in Ust'-Luga trade sea port

Project type New production
Investment project target Construction and operation of the biggest in Russian Baltic water basin sea terminal able to render the whole range of services on transhipment of motor cars, rolling machines, containers, general cargo; tug services in Ust'-Luga port water basin, and other works/services related to transhipment and storage of cargos.
Payback period, years (inclusive of state support measures) 16.5
Year of implementation start 2006
Implementation deadline, year 2016
Sources of financing Borrowed funds: Sberbank, VTB, Baltic Financial Agency.
Activity type 63.1 Cargo handling and storage 
Sphere of activities Economic
Number of work places
Total 495
Newly introduced under the project 495
Basic financial and economic indices of the project, including numerative and qualitative characteristics of products (works, services) Annual cargo turnover is up to 350 000 passenger cars, up to 240 000 containers, up to 25 000 rolling machines and up to 800 000 tons of general cargos.
Basic sale markets Importing countries that used ports of Baltics and Finland as transit ones.
State support measures State support measures within the frames of regional law No.24-oz "On state support of investment activity in the Leningrad Region". State support agreement made on 18.01.2013. Expiry date 3d quarter of 2024.
Status Being implemented (main stage)
Municipal district/ urban district Kingiseppskiy Municipal District
Cadastral number of a land parcel 47:20:0223002:20
Address 188472, the Leningrad Region, Kingiseppskiy Municipal District, Ust'-Luzhskoye rural settlement, the land parcel is located in the southern part of cadastral block (Ust'-Luga trade sea port)
Distance to the district center, km 55
Distance to St.Petersburg, km 150
Total area of a land parcel, sq.m. 500 000
Total area of buildings and structures (existing and projected), sq.m. 4 031.3
Contact details
Investor JSC "Trasnport and Logistics Complex" and JSC "Ust'-Luga Trade Sea Port"
Postal and legal address 197376, St.Petersburg, 3X Instrumental'naya str. 188480, the Leningrad Region, Kingisepp, 25/2 pr.Karla Marksa
Manager Pavlova Valeriya Vladislavovna, Director General of JSC "TLC"; Sokolov Konstantin Anatolyevich, Director General of JSC "Ust'-Luga Trade Sea Port". Tel: + 7 (812) 244-35-40, fax 7 (812) 244-6540 info@port-ustluga.ru
Contact person tel: + 7 (812) 244-35-40, fax 7 (812) 244-6540 info@port-ustluga.ru