Modernization of a papermaking machine of Siasky TsBK OJSC

Project type Modernization of production
Investment project target Increasing paper production, base by modernizing papermaking machine No. 3
Year of implementation start 2015
Implementation deadline, year 2015
Activity type Production of cellulose, pulp, paper, cardboard, and products from them
Sphere of activities Production
Status Implemented
Municipal district/ urban district Volkhovskiy Municipal District
Address Leningrad Region, Volkhov District, Siastroy, Zavodskaya Str., 1
Distance to the district center, km 29
Distance to St.Petersburg, km 120
Contact details
Investor Siasky TsBK OJSC
Postal and legal address 197022 Saint Petersburg, Vsevoloda Vishnevskogo Str., 13/A
Manager Epifanova Liudmila Valentinovna, Director General.
Contact person Director's reception:
Phone: (813 63) 5-64-44