LNG production, storage, and shipment complex in the area of Portovaya Compressor Station

Project type New production
Investment project target The project comprises the following construction: LNG plant, LNG jetty, cryogenic pipeline, coastal port facilities, approach dam, access roads, supply power line, supply pipeline, communication cables, etc.
Year of implementation start 2016
Implementation deadline, year 2020
Activity type Transportation
Sphere of activities Production
Basic financial and economic indices of the project, including numerative and qualitative characteristics of products (works, services) Design capacity of the LNG plant: 1mn tons/year
Basic sale markets Foreign and domestic markets
Status Being implemented (early stage)
Municipal district/ urban district Vyborgskiy Municipal District
Address Portovaya Compressor Station area, Bolshoy Bor, Vyborgsky District
Distance to the district center, km 41.3
Distance to St.Petersburg, km 84
Contact details
Investor "Gazprom Proektirovaniye" LLC
Postal and legal address 16/13 Suvorovsky Prospekt, St Petersburg
Manager A. G. Bocharov, Deputy General Director for Long-Term Development
Contact person I. A. Yaroshchuk, 812 578-76-00 (30-572)