Large-scale reconstruction of production premises

Project type Modernization of production
Investment project target The company has performed upgrades (incl. purchases of equipment to replace the obsolete one) using borrowed funds to be repaid in 2016.
Implementation deadline, year 2014
Sources of financing Equity and borrowed funds
Sphere of activities Production
Status Implemented
Municipal district/ urban district Luzhskiy Municipal District
Address 1 Zavodskaya St., Ploskoye, Luzhsky District, Leningrad Oblast
Distance to the district center, km 6.8
Distance to St.Petersburg, km 92.2
Contact details
Investor "Petersburgskoe Steklo" LLC
Postal and legal address 58 Naberezhnaya reki Moyki, St Petersburg, Russian Federation 190000
Manager F. A. Krepak
Contact person tel.: +7(812) 570-0550
fax: +7(812)314-0621