Industrial park "Levoberezhny"

The “Levoberezhny” industrial park has been organized based on a site previously owned by FSUE “Kirishsky biokhimichesky zavod” (Kirishi Biochemical Plant). Since 2011, the territory and real properties of the industrial park have been owned and managed by LLC “Kirishskaya servisnaya kompania” (Kirishi Service Company) (LLC “KSK”). The surface area of the park totals 189 ha, including 129 ha designed for future development.

The “Levoberezhny” industrial park is oriented primarily toward creation of new industrial facilities in its territory. The territory of the industrial park is equipped with utilities: the park has its own step-down substation, water supply and water discharge systems, and treatment facilities. It is technically possible to connect to the gas transportation system and the heat supply system.

The park has a branching transport network and is connected directly to the highway and railway; a navigable berth can be built on the Volkhov River. The managing company has a cable bridge ensuring the engineering connection of the park with the industrial area on the opposite bank (Kirishi GRES, OJSC “PO”Kirishinefteorgsintez”).

A railway branch goes through the territory of the “Levoberezhny” Industrial Park and there is a railway depot. The network of access railway tracks crossing the territory of the industrial park is owned by the managing company and joins the first main way of the Andreevo station (included in the Oktiabrskaya railway company). The length of access ways from the industrial park to the station amounts to 6.535 km (track miles: 14.290 km).

Apart from the access way, the managing company owns two diesel electric locomotives TGM-4 (manufactured in 1974 and 1989) that may supply and clean wagons for resident companies of the industrial park.

Residents of the park include OJSC “Rusjam-Kirishi” (specialized in production of different types of glass containers), LLC “Pervy derevopropitochny zavod” (First Timber Impregnation Plant) (production of Pinopreg impregnation sawn timbers further used in building construction, decoration, production of garden furniture and small garden forms). The “Levoberezhny” industrial park is one of the top three most promising industrial sites of the Leningrad Region.

General information
Subject of the Russian Federation (constituent entity) Leningrad region
Type of site Industrial Park
Type of park Brownfield
Certificate of Association of Industrial Parks Yes
National Standard Certificate Yes
Park address 11 Volkhovskoe Shosse, 187110, Kirishi town, Leningrad region
Name of the facility management company LLC Kirishkaya Service Company
Ownership form of Managing Company Private
Ownership form of real estate assets (not owned by IP residents) and internal infrastructure Private
IP type in accordance with ownership form Private
Park website parkind.ru; map.lenoblinvest.ru/ip/7088/
Park development concept Yes
Specialization of Industrial Park Multi-industry
Status Operating
Main services offered by the Facility Management Company
Land sales Yes
Land rentals Yes
Rentals of completed production sites Yes
Turnkey construction of production facilities (built-to-suit service) No
Provision of special-purpose equipment No
Additional services offered by the Facility Management Company
logistic_services Yes
Maintenance and operation of shared facilities Yes
Security services Yes
IT services Yes
Transport accessibility
Distance to the nearest city (town), km 4
Distance to the regional center, km 150
Distance to Moscow, km 640
Distance to the nearest federal highway, km 45
Nearest road, name Volkhovkoye Shosse (Zuyevo - Novaya Ladoga)
Nearest road, distance, km 0
Length of road network within the park territory, km 10
Joining to railway lines Yes
Railway lines within the park territory Yes
Name of the nearest cargo offloading facility railway station Andreyevo
Distance to the nearest railway transport unloading terminal, km 6.53
Distance to nearest International airport, km 150
Park infrastructure, land plot
Land plot
Total area of park territory, hectares 160
Area of available territory within the park, hectares 127.94
Permissible hazard class for companies, structures and other facilities to be located I, II, III, IV, V
Average price of a land plot within the park territory, rubles per hectare 10 000 000
Industrial real estate
Existing industrial facilities intended for location of Industrial park residents, sq.m 40000
Available industrial real estate area, sq.m 20000
Maximum ceiling height of industrial premises (up to framework), m 18
Average rental price for industrial premises, rubles per sq.m per year 31 000
Office real estate
Total area of office real estate intended for IP residents’ use, sq.m 2 000
Electrical energy in the park
Electricity supply Yes
Electrical capacity, MW 47
Available electrical capacity, MW 38.5
Gas supply in the park
Gas supply availability Yes
Gas capacity, m3/h 4 340
Available gas capacity, m3/h 32
Heating energy in the park
Heating supply No
Water supply
Water supply availability Yes
Water supply capacity, m3/h 650
Available water supply capacity, m3/h 600
Water supply source Own water-intake structure
Waste water and sewage treatment facilities
Sewage treatment facilities Yes
Sewage treatment structures belong to Own
Storm water treatment facilities Yes
Communications in the park
Communications channels Telephone, Internet via fibre optic line
Human resources availability
Availability of transport means for commuting from inhabited localities to IP Yes
Information about residents
Total number of residents in IP, units 11
Number of residents who commenced production in the park, units 2
Number of jobs created in the park, units 800
State support of park
IP is a participant of federal state programs No
IP is a participant of regional state programs No
Tax benefits for IP residents with indication of actual tax rate
Profit tax Yes
Tax rate, % 13.5
Transport tax No
Tax rate, % No data
Corporate property tax Yes
Tax rate, % 0
Land tax No
Tax rate, % No data
Tax rate, % No data