"Severo-Zapadniy Nanotechnological Center"

The "Severo-Zapadniy Nanotechnological Center" is a joint project of the Leningrad Region and the Fund of Infrastructural and Educational Programs (ROSNANO). A site of 17.4 ha is allocated for its development at the entrance to the town of Gatchina. The "Severo-Zapadniy Nanotechnological Center" will combine functions of hatching research projects and provision of a technological site, and the main purpose of the project is to provide a full range of services involving the development of startups.

The planned specialization of the industrial park includes production associated with nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, radiation technologies, biotechnologies, pharmaceutical and medical industries, and other high-tech production facilities of hazard class 5. The core of the nanopark will be LLC “Severo-Zapadny tsentr transfera tekhnologiy” (North-West Center of Technology Transfer), a joint venture of the Leningrad Region, the Fund of Infrastructural and Educational Programs (ROSNANO), and LLC “Proektny nanotekhnologichesky tsentr” Project Nanotechnological Center).

In 2014, the local authorities signed an agreement with the first resident: LLC “Avtostankoprom”, which will launch production of fluorine-active polymer composites and coverings for machine engineering, road and agricultural enterprises, and power suppliers. Investments will total about six million euros.

Arrangement of the utility infrastructure in the territory is planned through connection to the centralized systems of power supply, water supply, water discharge, and gas supply of Gatchina. At present, the park has 12.3 ha of land prepared from the engineering perspective. A gas boiler house and a parking lot for 280 cars are ready to be used in the territory.

The industrial park has a good transport communication with the main transport hubs and Saint Petersburg. The “Pulkovo” international airport is located 30 km away, the Saint Petersburg Sea Port – 46 km, and Saint Petersburg is 45 km away.

The "Severo-Zapadniy Nanotechnological Center" project was approved by the interdepartmental committee for location of production facilities.

The project is being actively implemented and is planned to be launched in 2016.

General information
Subject of the Russian Federation (constituent entity) Leningrad region
Type of site Industrial Park
Type of park Greenfield
Certificate of Association of Industrial Parks Yes
Park address 20 Pushkinskoye shosse, 188300, Gatchina town, Gatchinskoye urban settlement, Gatchinsky municipal district, Leningrad region.
Ownership form of Managing Company State
Ownership form of real estate assets (not owned by IP residents) and internal infrastructure State
IP type in accordance with ownership form State
Park website www.lenoblinvest.ru; www.nanopark-gatchina.ru
Park development concept Yes
Status Under designing
Main services offered by the Facility Management Company
Land sales No
Land rentals Yes
Rentals of completed production sites Yes
Turnkey construction of production facilities (built-to-suit service) Yes
Provision of special-purpose equipment Hoisting equipment
Additional services offered by the Facility Management Company
logistic_services Yes
Staff recruitment Yes
Maintenance and operation of shared facilities Yes
Security services Yes
Legal services Yes
Consulting services Yes
IT services Yes
Site cleaning and waste removal Yes
Transportation of the Residents' personnel and provision of individual transport Yes
Other services Marketing, advertising
Transport accessibility
Distance to the nearest city (town), km No data
Distance to the regional center, km 30
Distance to Moscow, km 704
Distance to the nearest federal highway, km No data
Nearest road, name Federal highway R-23 Pskov
Nearest road, distance, km No data
Length of road network within the park territory, km 2
Joining to railway lines No
Railway lines within the park territory No
Name of the nearest cargo offloading facility Railway station of Oktyabrskaya Railway Gatchina-Tovarnaya-Baltiyskaya
Distance to the nearest railway transport unloading terminal, km 6
Distance to nearest International airport, km 30
Park infrastructure, land plot
Land plot
Total area of park territory, hectares 17
Area of available territory within the park, hectares 10
Permissible hazard class for companies, structures and other facilities to be located V
Industrial real estate
Existing industrial facilities intended for location of Industrial park residents, sq.m No data
Available industrial real estate area, sq.m No data
Electrical energy in the park
Electricity supply Yes
Electrical capacity, MW 5.3
Available electrical capacity, MW 3.88
Cost of connection to electrical networks (excluding VAT) within the territory of Industrial Park for residents, rubles/MW 35 000 000
Gas supply in the park
Gas supply availability Yes
Gas capacity, m3/h 1 169
Heating energy in the park
Heating supply Yes
Heating energy capacity, Gkal/hour 7
Available heating energy capacity, Gkal/hour 7
Heat medium Water
Water supply
Water supply availability Yes
Water supply capacity, m3/h 240
Available water supply capacity, m3/h 136.3
Water supply source External Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Plant
Waste water and sewage treatment facilities
Sewage treatment facilities No
Human resources availability
Availability of transport means for commuting from inhabited localities to IP Yes
Information about residents
Total number of residents in IP, units 1
Number of residents who commenced production in the park, units No data
Number of jobs created in the park, units No data
State support of park
IP is a participant of federal state programs No
IP is a participant of regional state programs Yes
Tax benefits for IP residents with indication of actual tax rate
Profit tax Yes
Tax rate, % 13.5
Transport tax No
Tax rate, % No data
Corporate property tax Yes
Tax rate, % No data
Land tax No
Tax rate, % No data
Tax rate, % No data