Industrial park "Tosno"

The “Tosno” Industrial Park is created to develop a modern high-tech medical and pharmaceutical industry as well as radiation technologies. The project is planned to be implemented by 2017.

At present, the industrial park site is going through a preparation process: the land category has been changed from that of forest lands to the category of the industrial land (the relevant decree of the Russian Federation Government was issued in May 2015); relevant changes in the documents of the Leningrad Region territorial planning have been made.

The site of the future industrial park is located in the Tosno District near the planned federal highway Moscow – Saint Petersburg. The industrial park is planned to be equipped with utilities and transport infrastructure, common buildings and facilities. In particular, the substation of OJSC “Lenenrgo” is supposed to be used to supply power to the park; water may be supplied to the park from the Nevsky water supply pipeline, and sewage will be arranged by using sewage treatment facilities of Tosno (providing that their capacity is increased); heat is planned to be supplied by several boiler houses of Tosno.

The Tosno Industrial Park must become one of the first state industrial parks in the Leningrad Region. The project developer is OJSC “Lenoblinnovatsii” (100% ownership of the Leningrad Region).

The project implementation will make it possible to reduce deficit of sites prepared from the engineering perspective to develop production facilities in the Leningrad Region, create over one thousand highly productive jobs, help develop the human resources, scientific, and educational potential of the area at medical, pharmaceutical, and other production facilities of hazard classes 3-4.

Measures taken to set up the “Tosno” Industrial Park are included in the Leningrad Region state program “Leningrad Region Economic Activity Encouragement”. The project implementation is supported by the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade.

General information
Subject of the Russian Federation (constituent entity) Leningrad region
Type of site Industrial Park
Type of park Greenfield
Certificate of Association of Industrial Parks No
National Standard Certificate No
Park address Tosnenskiy Municipal District, Tosnenskoye Urban Settlement, north-eastern industrial area of Tosno, Moscovskoye Highway.
Name of the facility management company OJSC "Lenoblinnovatsii"
Ownership form of Managing Company State
Ownership form of real estate assets (not owned by IP residents) and internal infrastructure State
IP type in accordance with ownership form State
Park website http://map.lenoblinvest.ru/gis/?type=object&id=5698&lng=ru
Specialization of Industrial Park Pharmaceutical Industry
Status Under designing
Main services offered by the Facility Management Company
Land sales Yes
Land rentals No
Transport accessibility
Distance to the nearest city (town), km 25
Distance to the regional center, km 41
Distance to Moscow, km 650
Distance to the nearest federal highway, km 0
Nearest road, name Moskovskoye Shosse (M-10)
Nearest road, distance, km 0
Joining to railway lines Yes
Railway lines within the park territory No
Name of the nearest cargo offloading facility Tosno-2
Distance to the nearest railway transport unloading terminal, km 1
Distance to nearest International airport, km 50
Park infrastructure, land plot
Land plot
Total area of park territory, hectares 110.2
Area of available territory within the park, hectares 74.1
Permissible hazard class for companies, structures and other facilities to be located III, IV, V
Electrical energy in the park
Electricity supply Yes
Electrical capacity, MW 56
Available electrical capacity, MW 20
Gas supply in the park
Gas supply availability Yes
Gas capacity, m3/h 25 000
Available gas capacity, m3/h 10 000
Heating energy in the park
Heating supply No
Available heating energy capacity, Gkal/hour 208
Source of heating energy Own central heating station
Water supply
Water supply availability Yes
Water supply capacity, m3/h 250
Available water supply capacity, m3/h 125
Water supply source External Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment Plant
Waste water and sewage treatment facilities
Sewage treatment facilities Yes
Sewage treatment structures belong to External
Communications in the park
Communications channels Satellite internet
Human resources availability
Availability of transport means for commuting from inhabited localities to IP Yes