Industrial park "Lesnoe"

The site of the industrial park is located in the Vsevolozhsk District of the Leningrad Region 35 km away from Saint Petersburg and 100 km from the Russo-Finnish border. The purpose of the project is to create industrial sites with the connected utility infrastructure to develop modern industrial facilities, facilities for processing and storing agricultural products, extracting and filling drinking water and beverages, logistics companies. The “Lesnoe” industrial park is oriented toward localizing production facilities of no higher than hazard class 4-5.

Two resident companies currently operate in the industrial park.

The total surface area of the industrial park is 118,23 ha, including 82,9 ha available for developing new enterprises.

The territory of the industrial park is covered with a network of underground railway tracks owned by the managing company and adjacent to the main railways of the Oktiabrskaya railway company near the Orekhovo station.

Railway tracks of the “Lesnoe” industrial park are included in the development of the Rail Baltica concept: a railway to connect the entire Eastern Area of the Baltic Sea from the north to the south: Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, Warsaw, and Berlin. The area profits from a new economic potential as the main business center of the north-west of Russia and the EU.

The development of the utility infrastructure has been resolved as follows: power supply – 700 kilowatts of electricity are available 2 megawatts; water will be supplied from wells (underground water quality meets the standards of drinking water supply) and water from the nearby Silande Lake is planned to be used for technical needs; the sewage system of the industrial park is designed to be local or by connection to the sewage systems of Lesnoe township. Gas is planned to be supplied to the territory.

Deposits of sand and sand-and-gravel materials have been explored and used in the area of the “Lesnoe” industrial park. The Suoyarvi Lake with deposits of slime is located to the north of the industrial park.

General information
Subject of the Russian Federation (constituent entity) Leningrad region
Type of site Industrial Park
Type of park Greenfield
Certificate of Association of Industrial Parks No
National Standard Certificate No
Park address Leningrad Region, Vsevolozhsky District, Kuyvozovskoe rural settlement, 350 m to the north-west of Lesnoe township, industrial area "Lesnoe", site 1
Name of the facility management company LLC "Kedr"
Ownership form of Managing Company Private
Ownership form of real estate assets (not owned by IP residents) and internal infrastructure Private
IP type in accordance with ownership form Private
Park website www.techparklesnoe.com, http://lenoblinvest.ru/investitsii-v-promyshlennost/promyshlennye-ploshchadki/industrialnye-parki/item/979-industrialnyj-park-lesnoe
Specialization of Industrial Park Timber and Wood Processing
Status Operating
Main services offered by the Facility Management Company
Land sales Yes
Land rentals Yes
Additional services offered by the Facility Management Company
logistic_services Yes
Transport accessibility
Distance to the nearest city (town), km 73
Distance to the regional center, km 40
Distance to Moscow, km 780
Distance to the nearest federal highway, km 6.6
Nearest road, name "Sortavala" (A-121)
Nearest road, distance, km 0
Joining to railway lines Yes
Railway lines within the park territory Yes
Name of the nearest cargo offloading facility Vaskelovo
Distance to the nearest railway transport unloading terminal, km 15
Distance to nearest International airport, km 89
Park infrastructure, land plot
Land plot
Total area of park territory, hectares 118.23
Area of available territory within the park, hectares 82.9
Permissible hazard class for companies, structures and other facilities to be located IV, V
Average price of a land plot within the park territory, rubles per hectare 8 000 000
Electrical energy in the park
Electricity supply Yes
Electrical capacity, MW 0.7
Available electrical capacity, MW 0.7
Gas supply in the park
Gas supply availability Yes
Gas capacity, m3/h 1 708
Available gas capacity, m3/h 1 018
Heating energy in the park
Heating supply Yes
Water supply
Water supply availability Yes
Water supply capacity, m3/h 15
Available water supply capacity, m3/h 6
Water supply source Own water-intake structure
Waste water and sewage treatment facilities
Sewage treatment facilities No
Sewage treatment structures belong to Own
Communications in the park
Communications channels Satellite internet
Human resources availability
Availability of transport means for commuting from inhabited localities to IP Yes