Industrial park "Slantsy"

General information
Type of park Brownfield
Included into Leningrad region spatial plan Yes
Included in the register of Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade No
Assigned a status of industrial park in Leningrad region No
National Standard Certificate No
Municipal district/ urban district Slantsevskiy Municipal District
Park address Leningrad Region, Slantsevskiy municipal district, the town of Slantsy, Shkolnaya st., 14, office 1
Name of the facility management company Тhe operating company is not established
Park Contact Person
Full name Nikiforchin Natalia Alexandrovna
Post Deputy head of administration-Chairman of the Committee on municipal property and land management
Contact details
Phone 8 (81374) 22-852
E-mail slanmo@slanmo.ru
Specialization of park
Specialization Industrial
Main line of business of the residents Production, logistics, warehousing
Status Planned
Transport accessibility
Distance to the nearest city (town), km 150 to Saint Petersburg, 45 to Kingisepp, 90 to Ust Luga marine port
Distance to Saint Petersburg, km 150
Distance to Moscow, km 650
Distance to the nearest federal highway, km 45
Nearest road, name Slantsevskoye shosse
Nearest road, distance, km 0.9
Joining to railway lines Yes
Railway lines within the park territory Yes
Name of the nearest cargo offloading facility Rudnichnaya railway station
Distance to the nearest railway transport unloading terminal, km 2
Distance to nearest international airport, km 150
Park infrastructure, land plot
Land plot
Total area of park territory, hectares 120
Area of available territory within the park, hectares 50
Permissible hazard class for companies, structures and other facilities to be located III; IV; V
Industrial real estate
Existing industrial facilities intended for location of residents, sq.m Over 5000 under construction
Available industrial real estate area, sq.m 3500
Maximum ceiling height of industrial premises (up to framework), m 14
Office real estate
Total area of office real estate for residents’ use, sq.m 2500
Electric power supply of the park
Current connection or possible connections Yes
Feature Electric power of 40-150 MW, nmore than 100 MW of free electric power
Cost of connection (excluding VAT) for residents, rubles per MW Upon request
Gas supply of the park
Current connection or possible connections Yes
Feature Gas line volume - 450 m3/hour
Free power capacity, m3 per hour 100
Thermal power supply of the park
Current connection or possible connections Yes
Feature Thermal energy power of 11,2 Gcal/h
Available capacity, Gkal per hour 8
Source Own boiler facility
Heat medium Water, Steam
Water supply of the park
Current connection or possible connections Yes
Source Connectivity is available (State Unitary Enterprise "Vodokanal of Leningrad region"), own water intake unit
Sewerage in the park
Current sewerage / water purification system or possible connections Yes
Ownership of sewerage system External sewage treatment facilities
Current drainage systems or possible connections No
Communications in the park
Communications channels Telephone, Internet via fibre optic line
Human resources availability
Availability of transport means for commuting from inhabited localities to park Yes
Total investment volume into park's infrastructure in rubles 100,000,000
Total investment volume from residents in rubles 100,000,000
Information about residents
Total number of residents in the park, units 9
Number of residents who commenced production in the park, units 2
Number of jobs created in the park, units over 20
State support provided to industrial park's management company in accordance with the regional law (tax incentives and rent incentives)
Legal grounds for government support lenoblinvest.ru/component/k2/item/2429-regionalnaya-podderzhka-industrialnykh-promyshlennykh-parkov
Profit tax
Period Year 1 - year 6 of the project
Tax rate, % 13.5
Property tax
Period Year 1 - year 6 of the project
Tax rate, % 0
Rent incentives for undelimited land plots owned by Leningrad region (of annual rent payment sum)
Period Year 1 - year 2 of the project
Tax rate, % 30
Period Year 3 - year 5 of the project
Tax rate, % 60
Period Year 6 - year 8 of the project
Tax rate, % 90